In addition to teaching sewing classes, I provide some contract sewing services for specific projects. Because my studio is home-based, by law I cannot sew or alter women’s wear or other apparel. However, I can make:

If you are developing a product or idea, I can provide not only contract sewing and patterning for your initial samples, but also advice on sourcing materials, business support resources, and leads for larger-scale production. I develop custom quotes for each project, and my hourly rate is the same as my private lesson rate ($45/hour).

I approach contract sewing services while still wearing the hat of a teacher — I strive to get to know you, assess your needs, and answer questions along the way so that you understand the work and are a part of the process. I bring many years of experience to this work, and recognize the challenges of starting up a new venture. In addition to creating a company that manufactures custom dress forms (DittoForm), I ran a small production company for almost three years. This background gives me both skills and relationships that I can share with you to help your business idea grow.

For a consultation or custom quote, please contact me. Please note that I am located in Brentwood, Maryland. While I work with many clients from around the United States remotely, the cost of work will include shipping materials to/from my studio for non-lcoal clients.

Some Past Clients