Private and semi-private lessons give you personalized assistance on topics and projects you choose. We discuss your interests and goals and I work with you to design a lesson (or series of lessons) that help you build your skills or complete a specific project.  I enjoy a challenge and no project is too basic or out there; whether your goal is to create a few wardrobe staples or design an outfit for Burning Man with built in LED lights, I’m there to guide you through the process. I’ve helped students create evening wear, reversible jackets, rock climbing gear, handbags, an array of sewn product inventions, a surf board cover… and many more items.

Time can be booked in increments of 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, or 3 hours. The minimum lesson time is one hour. Rates are $50/hour, with a six hour package for $250.

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I typically teach private lessons 9am-1:30pm Monday through Friday. I am offering private lessons two ways:


  • One-on-one lesson between me and a student
  • Lessons take place in my studio
  • If either one of us has any health concern, the lesson can be refunded or rescheduled at no charge


  • Download the Zoom app on your computer or phone if you do not already have it. I will provide a link for the session once you have booked your time.
  • Lessons are on a topic that you choose, but it’s often helpful to give me a heads up beforehand on any specific subjects you would like to cover so that I can prepare
  • It’s important to have a way on your computer or phone to be able to show your sewing machine and/or work project clearly. In some cases I may ask that you take clear photos of specific issues you have, if they are not clearly visible via Zoom
  • If in the first 30 minutes of the session it becomes clear that the online format will not work for you to learn or solve your sewing problem, we can cut the session short and you will only be charged for the first 30 minutes ($25.00).


If you have an idea for a fashion business or sewn product invention, I can help you think through some of the initial steps and logistics in a 30-minute virtual consultation (fee is $35). See my page on services for more information on my background in this area.


  • 30 minute in-person or virtual consultation: $35
  • In-person and virtual private lessons (one on one): $50/hour
  • In-person or virtual semi-private lessons (two students)*: $40/hour per person
  • In-person or virtual three-person lessons**: $30/hour per person 

*My online scheduling system does not have a way to automatically process semi-private or three-person lessons, so typically I correspond with students over email to work out a schedule and then send a private link that each person can use to pay online. To streamline the process, you can view my regular private lesson schedule online to see available times, and then email me to set up the private registration for you. 

Package rate: Book six hours of lessons and save $50! Use this link to purchase the package first and then apply your credits to lessons.  Lessons can be booked in increments of 1 hour, 1.5 hours, and 2 hours. Please note this can only be used for one-on-one lessons, not two or three person sessions.

Schedule Appointment


  • Beginning fundamentals
  • Clothing construction, from beginner to a advanced
  • Fitting garments
  • Hemming, mending, and clothing alterations
  • Costumes, cosplay, historical reenactment outfits
  • Home decor
  • Accessories and handbags
  • Fun things for kids (toys, stuffed animals, doll clothes, etc)
  • Patternmaking and draping 
  • Prototyping sewn good inventions/product ideas
  • Fashion design school preparation
  • Using a serger or industrial machine
  • And more! Email me for specific requests.


I am available from:

  • 9am-1:30pm Monday – Friday

If you can’t find time slot that works for you here, please email me with specific time requests. Occasionally I have spots available that may not show up yet on my calendar because I have blocked off hours for contract sewing work. I periodically update these hours as students shift their schedules, so email me or check back again if you are looking for more options.

All class credit purchased before the pandemic is still valid! If you have a package code, gift certificate code, make-up class credit, or other type of credit with me from before March 2020, I will still honor it. Many of the codes in my scheduling system automatically expired after one year and there isn’t an easy way for me to make a global fix in my software, but I can still look you up and fix the problem manually. So don’t be shy, email me! We will get it sorted out.