I’ve made a list of some of the most common questions I get at the studio. Click the links below for more info:    

See the Studio
Portfolio Item

The studio is a separate building located in the backyard of my home. It is climate controlled and fully equipped with four sewing stations and cutting height (36″) tables that I pop up or down depending on the class. All … Read More

Kids and Teens Classes

I have been teaching children for over a decade in many settings — schools, community centers, youth employment programs, camps and one on one — and have found that sewing is a craft that offers meaningful learning to young people … Read More

Adult Classes

Classes at my studio are all small groups (usually 4 students), which makes it possible for me to dedicate personalized attention to each individual. Whether you are coming for some weekly creative “me-time” or just want to learn a useful … Read More


If you’d like to ask questions or schedule a brief call with me before booking lessons, please feel free to email me. I am not always able to get through all my emails each day, but I do my best … Read More


POLICIES If you feel sick, please don’t plan to come to your lesson or class. Contact me (text is best, my number is in your booking confirmation) and we will reschedule when you feel better. Even if you think it’s … Read More

Private Lessons

Private and semi-private lessons give you personalized assistance on topics and projects you choose. We discuss your interests and goals and I work with you to design a lesson (or series of lessons) that help you build your skills or … Read More

My Experience

The¬†opportunity to teach is an honor. What I enjoy most about teaching is the chance to get to know my students and nurture their love for this wonderful craft. I started sewing with my mom at age 7, but stumbled … Read More

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