I’ve made a list of some of the most common questions I get at the studio. Click the links below for more info:

What do I need to bring with me to the studio?
For most classes, you will need to bring fabric, thread, and a pattern for any project you are working on. However, some classes do not require that you bring anything with you. If you’re not sure what you need, be sure to review the description for the class you are enrolled in, as materials are listed on the Classes page.

Do I have to have my own sewing machine?
No, you are welcome to use the machines at the studio for your class. They are all very beginner friendly.

Can I bring my machine?
Yes, please feel free to do so! I can help you leaner to thread it or diagnose if it needs a tune up or repairs.

What are the starter supplies you would recommend?
Check out the list of suggested supplies here. The fabric supply website www.wawak.com has great prices and fast, low cost shipping.

What are some good fabric stores in the area?
G Street Fabrics, Joann Fabrics, and a Fabric Place Basement all have locations in our area. I’m currently partial to a Fabric Place  Basement for its good prices and selection, and very kind and well informed staff.

Do you have any good recommendations on sewing machines? What should I look for in a machine?
Check out my list of sewing machines on my supply suggestions page!

Where can I get my machine serviced in the DC area?
Brother Sew & Vac in Cleveland Park does machine repairs and is metro accessible. They also sell vintage machines. In addition, you can look up the local dealers for your brand of machine, as many of them offer machine servicing. Some fabric stores do as well.

What are the machines you use the the studio?
I use the Janome 11590 (exactly the same as the Kenmore 16231), which are no longer being made, but are similar to the machines listed above. They all have speed control and are beginner friendly.

If I register for a class and need to reschedule, what can I do?
You can cancel or reschedule your participation in a class for a full refund or a credit, up to 48 hours before the class or 24 hours before a private lesson. Please review my policies page before booking a lesson or class.

Do you keep a waiting list for classes that are full?

Yes! It’s low tech. Please email me with your name and what class you’re interested in. I will call, email, and text you if a spot is available. Usually I will need a yes or no pretty quickly so that I can move on to the next person on the list.

How old does my daughter or son need to be to learn to sew?
The youngest kids I work with are about 6 years old, which is the age at which their hands are building the dexterity they need to be able to handle fabric, a needle, and even a sewing machine. But I have kids of my own and know that every child is different. It’s probably best to contact me if you’d like to talk more about whether your child is ready to begin lessons.

I have a teenager interested in sewing/design. Should he or she enroll in group classes with other adults, or private lessons?
This depends on the individual — most mature teens (12+) are usually fine in a class with adults. If you think your teen might do better with more personalized attention, private lessons would be a better option. As with all kids questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to discuss your child in greater depth.

What’s a good sewing machine for a child?
The same one as for an adult. A machine with speed control is very helpful, especially as they build eye-hand coordination. A smaller-sized machine is not necessarily better or safer than an adult size, and your child may grow out of out of it quickly. I suggest the Brother CS6000i as a good starter machine for kids.