Classes at my studio are all small groups (usually 4 students), which makes it possible for me to dedicate personalized attention to each individual. Whether you are coming for some weekly creative “me-time” or just want to learn a useful skill, my studio is designed to give you a fulfilling learning experience. I strive to make the classroom vibe fun, focused, and comfortable so you feel welcome to ask questions and experiment with this age-old craft.

Garment sewing is my particular area of expertise, so most of my group classes area clothing-focused.  However, if you are interested in home decor or other items like handbags, invention prototypes, pet gear, etc. my Tuesday Daytime Open Studios or private lessons would be a good way to go. 

All class credit purchased before the pandemic is still valid! If you have a package code, gift certificate code, make-up class credit, or other type of credit with me from before March 2020, I will still honor it. Many of the codes in my scheduling system automatically expired after one year and there isn’t an easy way for me to make a global fix in my software, but I can still look you up and fix the problem manually. So don’t be shy, email me! We will get it sorted out. 

For Beginners 

These classes are designed for complete (or nearly complete) beginners. They are for people who have never used a sewing machine, or haven’t used one recently enough to feel comfortable knowing how to operate it.  You will learn the fundamentals of using a sewing machine, handling fabric, and sewing straight to complete simple projects. Classes in this category include:

Beginner Course

If you’re interested in learning the basics of using a sewing machine to make simple projects , this is the place to begin! The adult beginner course introduces you to the sewing machine and guides you through process.  The course will take you through the following projects:

  • a simple drawstring bag
  • a pair of PJ shorts
  • a zipper pouch or throw pillow cover

All classes will take place at my studio. Sewing machines and basic equipment (scissors, pins, etc) are available for you to use if you do not yet have supplies of your own.

I now offer is this class in two formats: a three part evening class (Tuesdays 7-9pm for three weeks), or a two-part daytime class (Fridays 9:30am-12:30pm for two weeks). Both classes cover the same content and are the same number of total hours.   The class follows this sequence:

  • Part 1:  In the first class, you will learn how to thread and operate the sewing machine independently and be introduced to important sewing concepts such as how to pin your material, what a seam allowance is, different types of stitches and what they are used for, understanding right and wrong sides of fabric, and a few basics of construction. You will leave with your first project completed, a small lined drawstring bag. You do not need to bring anything with you to this class.
  • Part 2: We will start the class with a brief tutorial on different types of fabric and what makes materials easier or harder to work with. Then you will learn how to lay a pattern on fabric and cut out your second project, a pair of PJ shorts. You will understand more about how patterns need to be arranged on fabric, and will practice techniques you learned in the first class, building on them to try curved seams, hems, and inserting elastic.
  • Part 3 : We finish up shorts and work on your throw pillow or zipper pouch.
  • Class fee: is $155 + two fabrics, thread and one invisible zipper (see details below)
  • Materials needed:
  • Max class size: 4 students
  • Schedule: If a class does not appear in the list on the next page when you click on “Register” it usually means that the class is now full. Please contact me to be added to a wait list.
  • Tuesdays 7-9pm, Jan 3-17, 2023 
  • Tuesdays 7-9pm, Feb 21-Mar 7, 2023 
  • Tuesdays 7-9pm, Apr 11-25, 2023 
  • Tuesdays 7-9pm, May 30-June 13, 2023 
  • Fridays 9:30am-12:30pm, Jan 27 & Feb 3, 2023 
  • Fridays 9:30am-12:30pm, Feb 24 & March 3, 2023 
  • Fridays 9:30am-12:30pm, April 28 & May 5, 2023 
  • Fridays 9:30am-12:30pm, May 26 & June 2, 2023 


Growing Skills

These classes are designed as the next step after you have taken a beginner course or private lessons. They are for people who feel comfortable operating their sewing machine, but are still looking for guided instruction to expand their skills.  Once you take the beginner course (or already have working knowledge of operating a sewing machine and doing basic projects), you can take any of these classes in any order. However, if this is your first time constructing a garment from scratch I recommend taking the Clothing Construction Prep Workshop before the full Clothing Construction Course. Classes in this category include:

Hemming, Mending, Alterations and Remixing

Learn how to tailor garments for a better fit, revive well-worn clothes through simple repairs and adjustments, and make something old into something new in this three part class. 

Session 1: Hemming and Mending: We will cover the basics of hemming and mending techniques through a combination of demonstrations and hands-on practice. You will learn:  how to measure and mark garments to shorten/lengthen, ways of hemming by machine and by hand, mending techniques for rips, tears, and holes, and how to sew on a button or fix some types of zipper fails. 

Session 2: Alterations and Remixing: This session will help you understand the process for making alterations on existing garments and mixing together two or more garments to make something new. We will cover the basics of fitting, marking, and measurement, and learn how to take apart seams and mark them for tailoring, how to add darts and pleats, how to approach the process of combining two or more garments into a new piece.

Session 3: Project practice time! Bring garments you would like to work on for practice using all of the techniques explored in the first and second sessions. 

  • Class time: 6 hours total 
  • Maximum class size: 4 people
  • Supplies required: garments from your closet to hem, mend, alter or remix
  • Prerequisites: The Beginner Course or comfort threading and operating a sewing machine. 
  • Fee: $155
  • Schedule: If a class does not appear in the list on the next page when you click on “Register” it usually means that the class is now full. Please contact me to be added to a wait list.
    • Tuesdays 7-9pm, Jan 24-Feb 7, 2023
    • Tuesdays 7-9pm, March 14-28, 2023
    • Tuesdays 7-9pm, May 2-16, 2023
    • Fridays 9:30am-12:30pm, Feb 10 & 17, 2023
    • Fridays 9:30am-12:30pm, March 10 & 17, 2023
    • Fridays 9:30am-12:30pm, May 12 & 19, 2023
    • Fridays 9:30am-12:30pm, June 9 & 16, 2023

Clothing Construction

Clothing Construction Prep Class

This 90-minute class is for those who have never made a garment before, or those who have started but got intimidated along the way (it happens!). The workshop will dive into the process of understanding how to begin constructing a garment from a pattern. This class is meant to be a preparatory class for the six part All Levels Clothing Construction Course (below). Once you take this prep workshop, you can get the supplies and materials you need for the Clothing Construction Course, if you choose to take it. We will cover:

  • Taking body measurements and choosing a pattern that is correct for you, as well as options for altering pattern sizing
  • Choosing fabric that is right for your skill level and desired garment
  • Determining how much fabric is needed for a project
  • Understanding what other notions (thread, zipper, buttons, etc) should be purchased. 
  • Decoding the markings and symbols on a pattern
  • Learning how a pattern in cut out and laid on fabric

Class time: 1 session, 90 minutes

Maximum class size: 8 people

Supplies required: none — but a notebook and pen for taking notes is recommended

Prerequisites: The Beginner Course or comfort threading and operating a sewing machine. 

Fee: $35

Dates offered: January 9, 2023 and March 27, 2023

Clothing Construction – All Levels

This mixed-level class is for students looking to learn how to make clothes or how to improve their range of garment construction skills. Students may work with a commercial sewing pattern or create their own by copying an existing clothing item. Each student will receive individualized instruction on their particular project and have an opportunity to learn by observing classmates’ projects.

If this is your first time constructing a garment, the Prepping for Clothing Construction Class is strongly recommended as a prerequisite.

Class time: 6 sessions, 2 hours each

Maximum class size: 4 people

Supplies required: Pattern and fabric 

Prerequisites: The Beginner Course and/or comfort threading and operating a sewing machine. If this is your first time making a garnet with a pattern, the Prepping for Clothing Construction Class is strongly recommended as a prerequisite

Fee: $275

Dates Offered: 

  • Winter session: Jan 23 – March 6 (six classes, no class on President’s Day, Feb 20). There will be an optional make-up date on March 13 if you miss a class due to illness or other reasons. 
  • Spring session: April 17 – May 22 (six classes). There will be an optional make-up date on Tuesday, May 23 if you miss a class due to illness or other reasons.

Open Studio – Bring Anything

In these classes you can build your sewing skills by trying a pattern for a more challenging garment or new type of material. You will gain confidence as you learn additional techniques and keep practicing your sewing skills.

Open Studios are designed for those who have taken the Beginner Course or who have had some experience making projects independently or in other settings and would like to become more proficient. Because you choose what garment to work on, you can take as many or as few classes as often as you like as you work through new styles.

Class fee: is $40/class + supplies or purchase a package of 6 for $210 ($35/class). If you are using the package, purchase it first and then schedule your dates.

Max class size: 4 students

Prerequisites:  Beginner Course or knowledge of basic sewing machine operation

Schedule: If a class does not appear in the list on the next page when you click on “Register” it usually means that the class is now full. Please contact me to be added to a wait list.

Tuesdays 11am-1pm, every week unless otherwise noted

What if I want to become a fashion designer or get help preparing for fashion design school?

If you are interested in becoming a fashion designer, I recommend starting with a 1.5 hour private lesson so that you can share your ideas and I can help you understand the steps in the road ahead of you, whether that may be embarking on an entrepreneurial endeavor or preparing a portfolio for a fashion school. I operated a small production house in Washington, DC for almost three years and can work with you to explain the stages of product development, offer you resources for further learning, and help connect you with ways to begin production once you are ready.